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I recently purchased another 'vert, so now our 'old' one is for sale. It's an '88 FPT in White. Mechanically excellent but could do with some attention to the bodywork and trim to get up to scratch. We've owned it for 5 years, and it's always been well looked after, serviced, etc. mainly by Swedish Motors in Walthamstow. 100% reliable and drives excellently. Gearbox, engine, etc are fine. In the past 12 months or so, it's had a new radiator, clutch & both cylinders, new exhaust and a hood from Steve Lewis.

There's no structural rust (we had a bit of welding done at one stage) but the wheel arches are a bit shabby around the trims, the bottom of the doors similarly (although I've seen much, much worse) The bonnet is OK - just starting to bubble up around where the badges go.

The leatherwork is the other bad point - the drivers bolster has a large worn patch where the seatbelt rubs and they always go, and the stitching has come apart on the base.

We've got tons of paperwork going back for years, it's done approx 190K miles but will go on for a fair few more yet. Taxed until August, MOT until October. Haven't got great photos as it's in a secure compound not at home, so I can only get to it in the evenings at the moment.

Looking for about £1,500
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