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Name: Anthony

Location - additional details: SF Bay Area, CA

Means of contact: [email protected]

Price: $550 obo

Description: Up for sale I have a set of factory option Ronal Saab wheels. Sometimes referred to as Shelby’s or Watanabe style.

They are 4x108 NOT 4x114.3, meaning that these will fit the facelift C900s. Their size is 15x6 ET33.

The pic shows their condition; not amazing but perfect for a DIY project. They come with Nitto NT450 205/55/15 tires. 2 of the tires are at 80-90% and the other 2 are, for all intents and purposes, brand new.

Despite their condition, I’d like $550 due to their rarity, the fact they have the center caps and the tires.

Located in Daly City/Pacifica

Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):
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