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I've got a 5 speed GM 457 10 transmission available for sale. I'm asking $250 (plus shipping if you need it shipped). It was originally mated to an 8 valve non-turbo motor and had an odometer reading of just over 100,000 miles (unknown if it is accurate), so it likely has had an easy life. I've taken the transmission apart completely and inspected all components. The bearings all turn freely without any gritty feel (though they are used keep in mind) and the syncros, syncro springs, spring retainers, all gears including reverse, layshaft, idler gear, differential/ring gear and inner drivers are all in excellent condition. The reverse gear was somewhat chipped, so I replaced it with a nearly perfect gear. The primaries are type 7 and in good condition. the primary tensioners show some minor wear, but should be good for many miles to come.

After dismantling the transmission, I washed the cases down and removed all dirt/grime from them. The case is not like new in appearance due to general oil staining of the aluminum from use, but it is clean enough not to get grime into the case when removing covers and can be handled without getting your hands covered in grease/oil. I've reassembled the transmission and resealed the primary case to the main case. I cleaned and then oiled all parts during re-assembly with Redline MTL (transmission itself is does not contain oil, buyer should install). The cover plates are all unsealed and would be the buyers responsibility (mostly so that a buyer can inspect the transmission through the cover plates if requested).

This is NOT A REBUILT TRANSMISSION and I do not suggest that it is. What I can say with accuracy is that there are no components in this transmission that appear to be a potential problem. I did look at all parts thoroughly including watching for cracks in thesprings and spring retainers. You would be hardpressed to find a better transmission short of a rebuild in my opinion.

Message me here and I'll send my number if you have questions.
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