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it is a popular misconception that the auto box in a 9000 is a weak point, it isnt, at least no more than any other car of this era, so i thought, at the request of one or two of our members, i would put together a "to check list"

1] check tranny fliud level (after you have test driven the car with the engine idling and the stick in PARK)

2] check the colour of the fluid, it should be pink and translucant, if its dark pink and translucant thats ok but the fliud needs replacing, if its black walk away

3] check the fluid for smells, it should not smell of much, although it is a little sickly, if it smells burned walk away, if the smell burns your nose run like hell

4]when test driving the car make sure after starting the engine and selecting D or R the gear engages straight away with a nice smooth pull, if it clinks or worse bangs into gear walk away, if it engages with such forse it makes you teeth fall out the tranny has big problems so walk away

5] when the tranny changes up the gears it should do it smoothly and with out slipping, try it at several differant throttle settings it should still be smooth at full throttle, if its not to your saticfaction walk away.

6]when the tranny changes down as the car slows you should not be able to feel it, although a small amount of feel is ok

7] make sure you try the kick down,if it doesnt kick down there is a prob' pending, if it slips between gears the tranny is faulty, do not confuse this with part throttle down shift, this will accure at about half throttle, kick down only accures at full throttle.

8]make sure you drive the car from cold and for long enough to get the tranny hot (about 20 miles)

finally, try and test drive several cars even if you are happy with your first chioce.

hope this helps every one,


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