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The dial that changes the distribution of air flow in the car has broken. I have removed the dial itself and the back of it looks OK. It seems to be the plastic shaft thing that goes down into the innard that is actually broken. I have seen posts on this site about this but am not sure how to actually gain access to replace the broekn bit. I have removed the 3 dials and the grey fascia that surrounds them and I can see a white plastic facing. I think I have to remove this.Do I have to remove the vertical panel on the drivers (right) footwell to gain further access? This seems to be blocked by bits of dashboard in front of the drivers knees. I don't want to take too much off in case I can't put it back together again. A step by step guide to what I have to do (or links to a website) would be very much appreciated.

It is an 'S' reg UK saab 9-3S (not that I think it matters)
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