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Hey everyone, I'm the owner of a 1994 Saab 900 SE, but my mom and her boyfriend own a '99 (I believe) 9-5 Sedan. They actually purchased theirs before I did mine. Anyway, I'm a little more mechanically inclined than they are, and a few weeks back someone (unsuccessfully) tried to break into their car. The end result was that the door handle is now loose in the door. The whole plastic bit is just jiggling around, and the keys work fine, but it's a bit of a pain to actually open the door if you don't know about it. Not a big deal, but a bit small to take it to a shop to get fixed.

What is involved in putting the door handle back in place? Is it possible that the would-be thief broke some small part that must be replaced? I assume I have to take the interior door panel off, but I've done that on a couple of other cars (and will soon have to on my 900 to replace the door speakers), so it's not very daunting to me. Thanks in advance.

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Look here

Has a picture from the EPC...

WIS has 48 steps for removal and refitting! :eek:
This includes Drilling out rivets, removal of weather stripping, removal of the window, the window lift and several other items. It also looks that you can only refit the lock cylinder during the third phase of a blue moon...:roll:

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Not intimidated?

so it's not very daunting to me.
This might take me about 2 years to accomplish...

Front door handle


1.Open the window.

2.Remove the door trim.

3.Remove the water separator carefully using 82 93 474 Removal tool.

4.Remove the weatherstrip screw and lift away the strip.

5.Raise the window lift so that the window mounting becomes visible at the top edge on the lower large hole. The clips on the slide rollers will then become more easily accessible.

6.Detach the scissor-lift braces from the window mounting by removing the clips and then prising loose the braces from the rollers with a large flat chisel. Prise between the brace and the rail and close to the ball so the brace is not deformed.

7.Lift out the window by tilting up the back edge.

8.Knock out the steel cores from the rivets securing the metal finisher for the wire to the interior door handle and remove the wire from the finisher.

9.Drill out the rivets, lift away the metal finisher and unhook the wire from the lock.

10. Driver's door: Detach the guard by removing the rear nut for the handle and guard as well as the guard's screw.

11.Driver's door: Undo a section of upper window moulding and drill out the rivet. Loosen the bottom of the guide rail, 2 bolts.

12. Driver's door: Turn the guide rail forward and lift out the guard.

13.Undo the three screws holding the lock on the door.

14.Unplug the connector from the lock unit.

15.Detach the pull rod from the lock by turning the lock while unhooking the pushrod between the outer handle and the lock.

16.Lift out the lock unit.

17.Remove the front nut of the handle and lift out the plate.

18.Driver's door: Insert the key into the lock cylinder and turn it as illustrated.

If the key cannot be inserted into the lock, if it is damaged for example, proceed to step 22.

19.First angle the rear part of the handle (at the lock cylinder). Make sure that the end of the pull rod ends up in the groove so that you can lift out the handle.

20.Pull up the door handle and lift it out.

21.Unscrew the lock cylinder holder. It will be easier to do with an angle screwdriver.

22.Rotate the holder upward from inside the door and press in the cylinder from outside (through the handle).

23.Pull the door handle and lift it out.

24.Keep or replace the handle gasket.

Note Fit the lock cylinder and cylinder holder on the handle if it was dismantled during removal.

1.Insert the key in the lock cylinder and turn it upward as indicated in the illustration. Make sure the curved end of the pull rod lies in the socket.

2.Fit the handle in place; lift the door handle to be able to mount it in the door.

Check the position of the handle seal. 3.

Fit the plate and tighten the handle with the front nut. Check the fit of the handle to the outside of the door.

\Doors and locksAdjustment/Replacement - Front...

4. Lift the lock in place in the door. Hook the lock cylinder pull rod into the lock by turning the lock in place while guiding in the handle pushrod into its mounting in the lock.

5.Plug in the connector to the lock unit.

6.Fit the rod to the lock button and the wire for the inner opening handle.

7.Screw on the lock unit.

Note The lock seal on the door should be on the inside.

8.Check the operation of the handle and the lock.

9.Lift the guard into place.

10. Driver's door: Turn in the guide rail and fit its lower mounting. Fit the rivet and the upper window moulding.

11. Driver's door: Screw the guard nut onto the handle and the guard screw.

12.Move the scissor-lift rollers to the new glass (if replacing) and check that the rollers are whole.

13.Grease the rollers and sliding surfaces.

14.Fit the clips to the rollers.

15.Lift in the glass by tilting it forwards. Guide the glass into the front rail, tilt the glass back and guide it into the rear rail.

16.Press the scissor-lift brace into the window mounting rollers.

Note A double click should be heard.
17.Adjust the glass as necessary.

18.Grease the end of the weatherstrip towards the door mirror base with soapy water. Fit the weatherstrip....

19.Check the operation of the lift.

20.Hook the inner opening handle wire to the lock and metal finisher.

21.Rivet on the metal finisher securing the wire to the inner door handle.

22.Fit the water separator.


Make sure the water separator has not been damaged and that it seals the interior door panel properly.

23.Fit the door trim.

24.Clean the glass.

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I'm on my second glue up. I know it won't hold but I just don't have the time for this. I might be taking it into a body shop to have them fix it.
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