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Hey guys,

So I'm no professional, but I'm never afraid of working on my own cars. Lucky for me, the most involved I've ever gotten with brakes is pads and rotors... but...

My 1989 900 blew a brake line the other day. Finally got a chance to look, and the rear left line, going from the centre hose to the left calliper, has rusted through. I want to go out an buy some line and bend it myself, but I'm not positive on what diameter to buy or what flare I'm going to need on it. My searching is inconclusive, but I want to hazard a guess that I need 3/16" diameter line, bubble flares, and M10x1.0 fittings. Is this correct?

If anyone has any Saab specific tips or tricks, I'd love to know. I picked up a new bleeder screw for the calliper...fingers crossed the old one comes out!
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