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I have a 1968 Sonett V4. Had a leaky brake master cylinder. The brake switch must have been bad because there was this janky switch cobbled onto the brake pedal. It did work though. When I replaced the brake master I also put in the proper new switch. Got the brakes bled and working but noticed the brake lights didn’t work. Didn’t have power to the wires connected to the brake switch on the master. I started with the fuse panel in the cabin took each one out checked cleaned them and put them back in. Brake lights worked. Wednesday night before bringing the car home I checked the brake lights and they were working. Got it inspected Thursday morning drove it around all day no issues, I am driving it to the garage to tuck it away at a stop light the driver behind me tells me I have no brake lights. I want to start again at the fuse panel but I don’t know which fuse powers the brake lights and cannot find a diagram. Sorry for such a long first post but does anyone know or have a diagram that can tell me which fuse powers the brake lights?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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