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when I start off, the brake pedal seems normal but over time 15 or 30 minutes in driving the brake pedal gets so stiff and harder and harder to the point my front driver side caliper pads starts to drag and get locked/seized that creates heat smoke at the front driverside rotor.
After I shut off the engine for 15min or so, brake system works normal again but over 15-30min, the very stiff pedal cycle begins.

I'm trying to nail down if it would be the Brake booster or the Master Cylinder failure before I place an order this expensive part.

- I dont' hear hissing vaccum noise other forum posts noted.
- I dont' feel saggy soft pedal but very stiff brake pedal.

- All pads/rotors are replaced two years ago
- Breeding was done with DOT 4 fluid every 2-3 years and it was done when I changed pads/rotors last time.
- The rubber brake hoses are new as well.
- When I checked metal/rubber brake lines, I don't see any external leaks.
- Brake Booster/Master Cylinder is original on my 190K miles logged 1997 900S.

Thanks in advance!
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