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BOV Upgrade

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I plan to get that BOV i just was wondering if it will work, i drive a 2003 9-3 SS 2.0t, and if it is an easy install. I heard that BOV on an old Saab 900 and it was amazing. Also when i order it do i need to get the mouting piece or can i just re-use the stock piece. Thanks for any help

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You'll throw a check engine light if you install a blow-off or recirculation valve that's not meant for the car. The T8 engine management system is very touchy and closely monitors everything under the hood. This subject has been covered with some regularity, though Forge Motor Sports has finally released a valve made specifically for the 9-3SS. It comes in two versions, one for the Aero and one for the Linear (210h and175hp variations)... the difference between the two is the tension of the spring.There's a huge thread about this in the tuning forum.

At first it seemed like the valves weren't going to work, because people were getting check engine lights after installing, but it seems like the problem has been solved. Apparently Forge sent the wrong spring and after swapping it out, it looks like people are finally getting it to work!

Here, read this whole thread:
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