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0.81 bar or about 12 psi is max boost for automatics (97 model year but 96 was the same I'm sure).

But why do you want to know because the actual boost levels vary all over the place depending on fuel, temperature, humidity and load on the engine.

Boost is limited in first gear but I think that is the limit.

The manual transmission cars limit boost in first gear to that level I believe.

Peak boost for a manual shift Aero is 1.08 bar or 16 psi in 2-5 gears.

BTW, the extra 25 hp isn't what makes the manual Aero so quick it's the extra torque, 6% more than the manual shift CSE and a whopping 16% more than the automatic.

The automiatic torque converter compensates a little off the line but not enough to catch a properly launched manual shift Aero.
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