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put my stock airbox back with JR inbox filter (again) because the weather is really hot and humid and the car is running a little sluggish. I figure the stock box might help get some colder air.

but now it is really cutting back boost on hard accelleration and also it was even shaking a little like it was gonna stall... also the car does not seem to want to kick down gears and plods along in whatever gear and makes a deep, rumbling sound like it is a manual tranny bogged down by being in too high a gear for the speed... you know what i am talking about, like trying to go 20 in 5th gear sorta.... the car just is missing that kick... and was even kinda hitting like "dead spots" where the boost would cut back and it just was not pulling or even really gainig speed at all... but the deep rumbling thing has been going on for a little while now, I just attributed it to the super humid hot weather. maybe not.

maybe the rubber seal on the MAF is not in place? or should I be looking to BPC, DI or MAF issues?

I am gonna put the stock ECU back tonight to see if there is any difference. plugs are new right before SOC, so less than a month old.

any ideas? just adapting to airbox change?

will a generic OBD2 reader give me any help with codes or does it need to be SAAB specific?
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