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Blue smoke.. Need help!!! turbo??

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There's some update i found for my oil consumption problem..

Its happen when im driving, like 3rd gear (shiftronic) and giving a little push (60 to 70 km/h) then release the gaz then give some gaz again 1-2 sec after.. i notice some blue smoke coming out of the car...
same thing around 100-110 km/h on the 5th gear...

Look to happen only when im ''using'' the turbo... if i drive smoothly it doesnt happen...

I try to give some rev in neutral when was park... (my friend was in the car and I was looking the exhaust..) I didnt saw some blue smoke..

Guess its happen only when driving on the road and doing some pull then release and give gas again..

What could be the problem????
Turbo? because its only happen when the turbo is spooling.. dont think that the engine...

And here are a pic i post in the last topic.. look to have some oil around there... guess its problem around the turbo.. sceal on anything??

Need help!!!!!

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people on forum think that's the turbo sceal that are bad...

tomorro im off, i will try to find some time to go see in a tuning shop..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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