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possibly gonna buy a saab 9-5 2.0t 2000 with an engine fault. Would like to know a couple of questions.

1. Why do you have to change the whole engine on a 9-5, why not just re-build the bottom end? i was planning on rebuilding the engine but have seen the engines are scrap, any reson?

2. i was told that you can replace a 9-5 complete bottom end with that from a 9000 model. When i say block i mean complete bottom end swap. is this true?

3. finally, do you have to remove subframe to remove the engine. Can engine be lifted out of the bonnet entrance.

Thx for a great site, i've never posted a question, but i'm interested in 9-5's. I know they're not the most reliable, but the smoothness is fantastic. Any pics or links to anyone who has undertaken this task would be very hellpful.
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