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Bleeding the Clutch

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Just a week or two ago I had to bleed my clutch due to a clutch hose failure. After reading around it seemed like the only possible method for bleeding the clutch would be a pressure bleed. However, after a bit of external research this is how I ended up doing it:

NOTE: during this process it is important to keep the hydraulic fluid very high. Personally I tried to keep it at or slightly above MAX so as not to suck in any air (the clutch uses the same resevoir as the brakes in my 1995 9000CS. DOT 4 was the specfication)

1. Take the plastic cover off the slave cylinder at the top of the transmission to reveal the bleed nipple. (refer to under "Bleeding the Clutch")

2. Raise the clutch (by hand if needed)

3. Place some vaccum hose on the bleed valve nipple (clear hose so that you can see the bubbles in the hydraulic fluid). Feed the hose into a container that you don't need.

4. Open the bleed nipple and press down the clutch.

5. Close bleed valve and raise clutch

6. Refill reservoir if needed

7. Open bleed valve and press down the clutch, and then close the bleed nipple.

8. After pressing down the clutch pump it (by hand). After repeating steps 4-7 a couple to a few times pressure should start to build if you pump the clutch. (NOTE: even if pressure builds in the clutch, when you open the bleed valve you will loose all pressure. After closing the bleed valve you should be able to pump it back up again)

9. Once you see no more bubbles coming out with the hydraulic fluid and once you can hand pump the clutch to normal (firm and fully raised), you're done.

I had someone who could raise and lower the clutch on command, but I think you should be able to do it by yourself.

Now this seems to have worked for me; my car is running well, and my clutch has never felt better.

Is there anything wrong with what I did? If so, please put it down in the records so that peole don't repeat my mistake.

Thank you and happy motoring :cheesy:,

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