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big lurch when pulls away from cold

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Occasionally the car does this v strange lurch when I engage 1st.
It only happens when it is v cold.
If I warm the car up before moving off it does not happen.

Ive been humming and ha'ing about whether to get the engine mounts changed. The gear stick feels fairly sloppy, but ive kinda got used to it.

But am i storing up trouble?
Will changing the mounts feel like £ well spent?

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I had a mobile mechanic look under the hood to fix the tensioner recently.
He gave the engine a push with his hand and seemed to think the mounts are ok.

Now im even more confused
This is NOT a good test, unless this man is extraordinarily strong.
When worn, the mounts sag, the engine's oil pan may hit the subframe.
The mounts are more complex and much softer, so they will not last as long as the car in many cases.
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