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Hey, I have been wondering if someone did exactly same modification and has knowledge which wheels could fit that big Brembo without spacers. For now, I have 17' Hirsch 6-spoke with 5mm spacers which do not fit, I need like 3mm more at least to have some space for safety while driving in corners etc.

Specification on set:
- Big Brembo 4 pots calipers from Mercedes W220 (3.2 CDTI) 205KW (version with 312mm disks)
- Discs from Alfa Romeo Brera 330mm, 28mm width
- Special adapters
- 5mm spacers
- 6-spoke Hirsch wheels 17' ET42 width 7.8j

I'm looking for 17' wheels which would save me from using any spacers as I am not really a fan of that kind of stuff. If I do not find any replacement, I will probably try 17mm spacers as it's the most narrow one which has an appropriate length of centering collar to do it safely (not sure if that offset won't make tire scratch inner wheel arch considering I have had -30mm eibach spring installed).

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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