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Bi-Xenoen issues

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So i love the look of the Bi-xeneons or how however you spell it but the issues they have and how delicate they are blow. So I have been having an issue where my headlight sometimes will not turn on, i checked wiring did not seem to have any issues so then I am reading about a part offered by GS to fix common headlight issues. So i order it thinking its the right part its not as its for regular style headlights in the 2003 model and anyones that just dont have the Bi-xeneons. So I am sitting in the shop here at my job talking with the mechanics and we are all trying to figure it out, finally we notice a weld broken and realize the internal headlight assembly is loose so we look around no way to fix need a new headlight. So we decide to close up and put everything back together, problem is we cant get that little metal box back on to my headlight assembly, after trying for an hour the second weld on the inside broke and now the whole internal assembly is facing down and my headlight does not work at all. So now i get to spend tons of money on a whole new headlight assembly because of how cheap these people are. Whats odd is I have replaced 3 bulbs ina year on my car all with silverstars not the Saab $200 ones even though they look better and I never had an issue getting the little box on, dont know what it is but I do know I am on the verge of just selling this car and loosing out on probably $4000 do to the value and the body damage I have not fixed yet.

If anyone knows what may have caused the issue of the headlight turning on only sometimes, mainly if i turn my car off and then start it fairly soon after (like going to the store or something) it wont turn on and its only hte headlight I have with the aftermarket bulb, i would like to know thank you.
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Yeah I dont get it either, now to make matters worst...... I work at a car auction and had the mechanics look at it, we tried taking it apart and checkign wires even though the manual says trained personal only or whatever. SO we cant figure it out but what we do find is one of the welds holding the eye in place was broken and this is why my autolevelling has not worked since i bought the car. So we mess with it just to have the other one brake. So now my Xneon eye is tiliting downa nd still only turns on sometimes. I am buying a whole new light assembly ballast everything because its pissing me off.
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