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Best suspension mod for the money

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There are a lot of threads on this forum regarding various suspension mods and add-ons. The one thing I really want to know is which one is the best to buy first, then 2nd, 3rd, etc. I have a 2001 9-3 SE convertible with 21K miles, 5 spd, HOT. I want to buy the 6 pt. subframe brace, steering rack kit, strut brace, poly bushings but can't decide which one to get first.

The steering rack kit from Genuine Saab contains a rack brace, rear bar 15 mm, and bushings. What is the rear bar for? Are the bushings included for the control arms, inner, or outer? The site isn't very detailed on this description. I'm thinking I might get the kit and the subframe brace to start but not sure if I need the rear bar and the bushings.

Thanks for your comments.
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I leased a 2002 Viggen convertible for three years.

When the lease was up and I had to get rid of it I picked up a '99 HOT Vert.

The 99 handles considerably better than the Viggen with the following:
Steering Rack Brace
Poly Bushings
Rear Sway Bar
Sub Frame Brace

All reasonably cheap, unfortunately they all went in at the same time so I couldn't tell you the order of which to get them.

I guess it comes down to what specifically you are look for?
Torque Steer: Steering Rack Brace
Hard Cornering: Rear Sway Bar
etc, etc ...

For me: I think by far the Steering rack brace offers the most improvement because I don't feel like I am riding a bull anymore under acceleration. Then second would be a rear sway bar because it tightens it up on the corners.

I agree with Earthworm on the tires though because I finally got my new rims and tires and was surprised that it performs even better when handling now.

Oh yeah: I am completely new to this forum and mod'ing a saab so don't put to much stock in this ;)
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Err tough to remember because there was a big ordering debacle but when I take a quick look at this is pretty much what I found the most effective.
If I remember all of what I got it was something like MP 2pt subframe brace, inner and outer bushings, rear sway and steering rack clamp and brace. (also got a 3" downpipe but that's not relevant to this thread :) )

FYI: The ordering debacle wasn't at so order with confidence from Taliafero.
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