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Bendix quality

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anyone ever use their pads/rotors? i was wondering how good they are. I have a friend that wants to buy some and we wanted to lknow how they are. I work at an Advance Auto Parts, and i must say i've never returned them, while i've returned lots of Wearever Gold/Silver. But how do they perform?

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Used them years ago, and they were ok... the car stopped. I have never heard anything bad about them. Which is not a lot of help is it? But then, you have never had to return them... how does this compare to the other brands?
Want decent Disc Pads?? Suggest PBR metal masters V inexpensive and have a Good 'Bite' to them.. better than the OEM pads., and without doubt better performers than the Bendix ones. There of course are even better pads available.. but those are surprisingly expensive.
Ohh ..Do fit all 4 corners at the same time.. it Does make a difference as does a genuine 'break in'.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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