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Bay area, CA- 1999 9-3 w/ lots of mods and EXTRAS needs a good home $2500 obo

Hi everyone,

With quite a bit of sadness, I'm afraid I have to give up my 9-3, for now at least. I'm going to be away for a few years studying and I just can't afford to store the car until I get back. Kinda sucks but it would be not so bad if I know the car is with someone who'll take care of it and take it to greater heights than I was able to! Read on for all the stuff I've done to it, the extras, pics, and finally everything wrong with it that I know of. MAKE ME AN OFFER! If $2500 doesn't seem reasonable, tell me what does and I'll see what I get from other people and let you know. Trying to sell as soon as possible.

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I'm the second owner and I bought the car in January 2010 from a used car dealer with 108000 miles on it. There's an extra owner on the car title, but that's just because the car was bought in my parents' name and later transferred to me. I bought the car in Connecticut. I used the car for a lot of highway driving between home in New Haven and school/work in Manhattan (1.5 hr drive). After that, I drove it cross-country to San Francisco in November last year. (Interestingly, when I was going through the glove box papers just now, I noticed for the first time that the car was purchased in San Diego- so it's been across the country at least 2x! Not sure if it was driven last time though :)) Then I put a lot of highway miles on it commuting from Fremont to San Francisco every day (1 hr drive) for a little while. It currently has 146000 miles. I've had a lot of fun with this car, I've driven it above 130 mph :D and for much of the country was around/above 100mph. However, I don't beat it up, I try to take good care of it, and I wasn't planning to get rid of it for many years, so it's not like I've ridden it into the ground or something.

OEM specs:
Saab 9-3
5-speed manual/ 2.0L turbo
base model plus:
2-Way Power Glass Sunroof
In-Dash Single CD Player Upgrade
Front Heated Seats

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Stage 1 ECU Tune- Taliaferro: ($100)
Cold air intake with K&N filter: ($150)

Performance bypass valve: part # 990609100 ($100)

Performance Brake kit ceramic pads, slotted, drilled rotors: part# KT0137291 ($250 @129000 miles)

Short shifter- genuinesaab: ($160 @127860 miles) I also removed the thing that makes you have to be in reverse to remove the key, so you can leave it in neutral and take the key out if you want...

Black Tints all 5 windows except for the windshield. The next to darkest, one less than limo tints. Really nicely done, no bubbles and it's been more than a year. These are not legal in CT where I got them (1 level too dark) nor in CA where I am now (no tints allowed on front 2 windows), but I like them and so far never paid a ticket for them.
Projector headlight mod with gatling gun shroud, angel eyes (daytime running lights), check engine light disabled. Blue LEDs in the headlight but wires cut because I didn't like them. Aiming and everything works as stock. ($375 + labor) See pics below
Projector fog lights ($186):
Black fender blinkers (replacing the orange): ($40)
Custom Aluminum Billet pedals Black 2 Tone powdercoat and

Just after installed them, so apologies for the mess ;)

Grey Leather sliding armrest:
Leather e-brake boot, leather shifter boot:
Leather shift knob

Waste paper basket: (see picture above)
Trunk side cargo net:

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More mods:

Trailer hitch- installed and wires run, but wires are not connected on either side, because I ended up not needing it. I have the Instructions for it, so it's easy to wire up.

Cup holder
You can also see in this pic the state of the SID. It's quite good only missing about 1 line of pixels and in warm weather even that comes back. I did the duct tape stuffed in the back fix for it.

Radio aux input:
You can see the custom switch for it here and also where the wire comes out through a hole in the side panel. However, this was not done very well, and the audio only plays through the right side speakers :( To fix it, you would probably have to get a spare radio from the junkyard and do it again, or install another radio. The built-in radio functions are not disturbed, CD and radio plays through both sides fine, only the aux input is one-sided.

Three way power: I also added a three way car charger that is connected to the battery separately from the lighter so you don't lose the lighter port or have to worry about stuff getting bumped and unplugged.

Remote extender: I opened the receiver and added a coil of wire to the antenna so it receives from a much longer distance than stock.

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clutch The clutch was pretty worn when I bought it and started slipping about a month later so I had a new clutch put in. It was a LUK CLUTCH KIT SAAB 9-3 L4 2.0L SLAVE INCLUDED.
A/C About a month after that, the a/c compressor went, so I had that replaced with a salvage. It also got a new accessory belt since the other got chewed up. I refilled the A/C fluid recently
Starter I installed a brand-new starter in November 2010.
Tires New tires at 117251- Pepboys tires, P195/60HR15- not the best, max speed is only 130 ;) I've pushed them to that :) They have a 55000 mile prorated warranty, so still covered. At 145342, one of them had a sidewall puncture and got replaced by a brand new one.
Battery Brand-new battery, a few months ago
Spark plugs Replaced spark plugs at 120000
O2 sensor I replaced the front o2 sensor and engine undershields at 123000
I replaced the leaky driver side shaft bushing and seal, and changed the tranny oil to MTF-0063, new driver's side control arm and axle, and replaced valve cover gasket at 129000
Thermostat A few months ago the thermostat went bad and the car overheated slightly, so it got a new thermostat.
New Valve cover hose kit about a month ago.
Security alarm Battery died recently and I pulled the siren system. Before I give it to you, I'll put a new battery and reinstall it.
Heated seats Driver's side heated seat wasn't working when I bought it, I opened it, found the broken wire, soldered and taped it back together and have been using it all the time for 3 years with no problem.
Trunk lifters New hydraulic lifter thingies in Jan 2010
Trunk leak I had the infamous trunk leak out of the driver's side shock mount. Replaced bushings on both sides and stopped all leaking.
Window regulator Rear passenger window broke and the regulator kept rebreaking when I got replacements from the junkyard, (genuinesaab hadn't made their aftermarket one yet) so I epoxied it all up to be unbreakable.
Around the same time, I replaced the vapor canister purge valve, (when it's bad it makes the car idle weird)
When I first bought it, I got new emblems with sun-protector covers.
The door exterior trim, between the doors that gets faded has been replaced recently on both sides.
Rear head rests The rear head rests were all missing when I bought it, I replaced them from the junkyard, but the middle one is leather, lol.... ghetto... No one ever notices and you can just throw it out if you want.
New fan speed switch, because the old one broke.

Regular maintenance Besides this, all the standard oil/fluid/filter changes have been done regularly. Oil changes always with synthetic, mobil-1 10w-30. There might be other small stuff I fixed/changed and forgot about. Regular tire rotation. I'm not perfect with regular maintenance, but I like my car and I keep it in good shape.

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What's wrong with it?

(I'm trying not to have any surprises, so I will even overstate things and try to mention everything I can think of. Don't be scared away, this car runs really well and is in fine condition without any work on it whatsoever.)

Throwing into 3rd and 5th really hard will catch and make a bad noise. You have to to go a little slowly and not force it. This was like this when I bought it and never bothered anything, but if you plan to race or something, I guess you might care. Actually, as far as I could tell, it went away when I put in the short-shifter and came back slowly over time, so maybe the short-shifter just needs grease added (it has a port for it) or something. I dunno... Wouldn't be noticed in ordinary driving, in really hard driving it gets in the way sometimes. Nothing in need of an emergency fix or anything.

The e-brake cable gets water in it in the winter and sticks (it's a common problem, check the forum). As a result of this it was driven applied a bit and wore down the pads. So they barely engage when you pull it up really hard, and they have been adjusted to the limit already, so they will need new pads. (the replacement cable is included, see the extras :))

The airbag warning light is on- however, there is nothing wrong with the airbags. What happened is, when I was fixing the driver's seat I started the car before plugging them back in. That throws an airbag exception and there's no way to reset it without a Tech II (check the forum). I was never going to pay $100 for turning off a warning light (although I guess the airbags also don't work???? not sure, I haven't tested it :)) Anyway, if you get this reset with a Tech II it will be fine, I'm confident there's nothing wrong with the airbag.

One lightbulb on the gas gauge side of the instrument panel is out. Actually, I changed the bulb a while ago, but it seems the bulb isn't the problem the contact connection is not so good. I never got around to fixing it (it's been like that since I bought it). You can see from the pictures that you can still read the gauge, even at night.

There some kind of rattle from the right side when going over bumps, it's annoying and I've never been able to figure it out. Again, been there since I bought it.

When I changed the valve cover gasket, the new one kept leaking no matter what I did. Finally, a mechanic friend put some liquid gasket in there. I'm not sure whether it's still leaking or not; if it is, it's a really slow leak. Unfortunately, the oil that leaked from the previous seal is all over the front of the engine down there, which is a bit bad looking. Haven't had time to try and clean it up, so that's a bit of cosmetic issue.

The driver's side axle bushing that I mentioned replacing in maintenance- we really tore the old one up getting it out and then put some sealant glue and stuff around the new one in addition to tapping it in while cold... So if it wears again and needs replacing (in another 100000 miles, I guess), it will probably need to be removed the official way during an tranny rebuild, not the DIY cutting out with a dremel.

I've never done any exhaust work on it, I'm sure it's due for some soon, but nothing is showing any symptoms yet.

The knob for changing the direction of airflow (head vs feet etc.) needs replacing and doesn't turn all the way to face. All that stuff is really brittle and I replaced one of those knobs recently, but then this one broke. I think just changing the knob will fix it, if not maybe something is also blocking the vent from changing- would involve taking off the drivers side cover under the steering wheel and seeing what is in the way and removing it... But I doubt that's necessary.

The sunroof developed a slight rattle/vibration when opened and driving at high speeds... I haven't looked into it and figured out what it is yet.

I have a feeling that the A/C needs refilling more than it should. But maybe I'm just imagining that. If there's a leak it's quite minor.

One rear license plate bolt was rusted and snapped off when I tried to remove it. You can attach your plate with one bolt like I did for the last 8 months.... or you have to get that bolt drilled out/extracted. Pretty easy job.

Missing the screw cover on one of the windshield wiper screws (you can see in the pic)
Driver's side headlight washer seems to be bent so it sprays straight up and out instead of onto the headlight. If you like your car to double as a watergun, this can be listed as a feature....
Small dent on the driver's side car door- you can see it in the pics above sometimes
Some scuffs and scratches on the rear bumper.
All the minor scratches and stuff from regular driving, etc. I haven't done anything body related to fix it up, besides a yearly detail, so any natural wear and tear is there. If I were keeping it, that would be on my list for the future. If you care about that stuff it will be on yours also. No rust that I know of.
Paint on the top of the spoiler is a bit weather beaten.

The passenger side visor's mirror is missing it's cover.

Upholstery is all clean and in really good shape. Driver's side carpet has a wear hole, I think that's really the only thing. Some of the front console has some scratch/scuffs, minor stuff just ordinary wear and tear.

The tire-changing tools have some surface rust on them.

More coming if I remember more...

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Extras included

Two sets of keys with remote fobs- one integrated, one separate.
Extra set of stock headlight assemblies (I made the mod to an extra set a picked up at the junkyard) (this is worth $100's by itself)
EXTRA ECU!! (Also worth $100's OMG)
Set of metal Car ramps, brand new, only been used ONCE!!!!
Oil capture pan, brand-new but been used once in my last oil change. Its one of the ones with a cover that screws on.
Free emergency brake cable- you will need it, if you live somewhere cold, because when it gets below freezing the old cable gets water in it and sticks. (I moved from CT before installing it :p)
Free extra serpentine belt
Extra oil filter and some tubing
Extra oil, tranny oil, and anti-freeze (the expensive stuff, all of them. And I don't mean a little left over, we're talking bottles of the stuff)
Brake Caliper paint set !!! Black
Magellan GPS iPhone/iPod mount with audio out and charging
Extra stock fog light
Diagnostic OBDII USB scanner thing (hook it to your computer)
Blackstone oil reports if you want them
Extra Instrument panel light bulbs
Extra angel eyes light bulb with control module
Extra A/C control module
Cheap Motorola radar detector
Microfiber window cleaner, ice scraper/cleaner
Some very dirty jumper cables... risk of electrocution, I picked them up at a yard sale and didn't get around to cleaning them up ;)
All manuals, CD, service book, etc. that came with the car
Haynes service manual
Instruction manuals for stuff like the trailer hitch, etc.
Anything else I have lying around :)

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Update: Changed my mind, I'd rather sell as soon as possible, so I don't have to think about this too much...

So let me know if you're interested. From what I've seen around this is a great deal. If you're looking for a greater starter hobby car, or just a nice daily driver that you'll do basic maintenance on, this is for you.

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Make me an offer, people... Just let me know what you think is a reasonable price, I'll consider it...

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Put this up on ebay motors and craigslist now.... But I'm giving a discount here, asking $2500 if you've been a member of the forums for more than 3 months.

Also, found some other free stuff to throw in- almost full cans of brake cleaner and carburetor cleaner, and any other car fluids I have.

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Weekly bump.... no one interested? I'm dropping the price to $2500 obo exclusively for you guys. Does anyone know how to get the thread title modified, as it's still showing the original price?

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Got an offer! So this could be gone by Monday... but it's less than my asking, so if you're interested, this is your last chance.
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