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Greetings all -

Just over three years ago, I got a Diehard Group 47 battery put in my 2002 9-3 and, three months after the full 36-month warranty expired, it appears to be going kaput. Although it's not free, I am covered by the 'prorated' 100-month warranty, so I'd only have to pay a fraction of the price for a new battery. Problem is, I'm not sure I got the right battery last time and searches on the Interwebs are not helping to clear my confusion.

If I search the Sears site with my car's information, they don't have any matches for me. Odd, indeed, since they seemed to have an idea what I needed in 2007. If I do a search for things like 'group size' on the battery, I get opinions saying both 47 and 48.

Some complain that the 47 is too small and, based on a conversation with my mechanic (which I apparently ignored at the time) about a year ago wherein he told me that I had a weak start and should bring the battery back to Sears, I'm tempted to agree. On the other hand, there seem to be some size restrictions with the 48 and, quite frankly, I don't know what harm, if any, stems from putting too big a battery in there, be it physical dimensions or actual power.

I guess the other concern is that this all might be less a battery issue than an alternator issue, but I was at the mechanic's recently and he noted the battery was bad, but said nothing about the alternator. (For reference, my mechanic is probably the most honest in the world, but wouldn't let me waste my time bringing back a battery only to have to see him a week later to get the alternator changed - I hope.)

This post got longer than intended, so I guess my basic question is whether I want to put a Diehard group 47 or 48 in my 2002 9-3?

Many thanks.
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