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Battery Cable Gauge

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Does anyone know what gauge the positive and neg. battery cables are? (car is an '89 n/a) Im in town getting some new cable and of course I forgot to check and I dont have that car here to reference. :roll: My gut says its 6, but I want to make sure. Thanks!
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FYI I am a lazy *** so I always use 4Ga welding cable for my batteries unless they have to go to the trunk. Then it is 0 awt. Both my Saabs have the wires from the battery to ground, starter, and alternator on 4Ga. THey both seem to be happy. :cheesy:

Welding cable is highly conductive, very flexible, can handle heat, and is not that hard to find; just look up welding supply stores.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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