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Battery Cable Gauge

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Does anyone know what gauge the positive and neg. battery cables are? (car is an '89 n/a) Im in town getting some new cable and of course I forgot to check and I dont have that car here to reference. :roll: My gut says its 6, but I want to make sure. Thanks!
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Thanks for the reply! I measured last night and you just confirmed its more or less a 4. I luckily didnt get anything yesterday, since I thought it was 6, but Ill get the goods today. :cheesy:
Picked up all the stuff yesterday. Got enough to do all the positive and negative cables and all new terminals for $25. I think a new OE starter cable alone is $75. :eek: Although Im sure I will spend an hour getting everything to fit and soldering it, but hey, my time is free.
Im picky though.......I HAD to have red and black cables. :lol: Dont ask why, I cant explain it either.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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