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Hello all
I have not found a thread for the idiots guide to setting the base boost on the 900 without talk about touching the APC, which I do not want to do no Sir ,

I am good with electronics but my philosophy is if its not broke doesn’t fix it and I know the Turbo Saabs have lots of performance for me and my mom! all four foot 11 inch’s of her

I have decided to try and tune my T16 myself with only a vacuum gauge and Saabcentral expertise.
I have read up as much as I can on the APC on forums like 900aero and other turbo websites and this other thread which is pretty good

Feel free to add and remove anything moderators that I have missed

The Base boost setting on the Saab without the APC solenoid connected should be 5psi? Half way up the yellow bar?

Is this correct?

If the boost only gets into the start of the yellow part of the gauge

I should make the rod that connects the waste gate and actuator shorter?

Each full turn on the nut gives half 0.5 Psi increase approximately?

Is this correct?

If the base boost is higher than half way up the yellow gauge, say 7 Psi, I should make the rod that connects the waste gate and actuator longer?

Is this correct?

The reason I want to adjust the base boost is I get small boost in first and second which is fine, but in third gear the boost is good for a few seconds and then it levels off when I know it should not.

I remember when I got my car the small pin that holds the rod to the arm was making a nasty rattling sound so I made it longer for better contact! Not fully understand what the hell I was doing at the time being my first turbo car, this decreased the boost and I gave it a good few turns, maybe 5 or 6 in total.

Even though I have tried to make my car standard my fuel cut off can kick in, so I know my cars boost is all wonky to use a technical term.

I know this is probably kids stuff for the seasoned members but I have never fully understood and would really like to.

The owner before me had disconnected and removed the APC solenoid, blocked up the small intake pipe and had a MBC installs between the turbo and waste gate set for 16Psi if I remember correctly.

My fuel cut off never kicked in and the car would wheel spin like crazy in first second and even in third gear in the wet.

Those days are over! I would like the have the best balance of original Saab performance and longevity for the engine.

Setting the correct base boost is a good thing I believe and that’s just what am about to do as soon as it cools down

Any corrections or insight would is most welcome.
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