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ball in mbc+a

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I hate working on my car! ;) Well i was taking apart my mbc so i could pull the spring out a bit because it was fully open and i wasnt hitting my fuel cut. and i fing dropped the ball down something and i cant seem to find it. is there anywhere i can get just the ball or something so i dont have to buy an entirely new mbc+a? spatl, could i buy the ball from you if i cant get them in stores? lol, this blows
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any steel Ball bearing will work. Ace Hardware around here is good for them. As stalker said, just take it in and size it up. Just needs to seal the hole and fit the area. If not, I can send you another one.
All you need is one ball bearing. 1 Round steel ball that fits inside the MBC, covers the hole correctly, and seats on the spring nicely.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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