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ball in mbc+a

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I hate working on my car! ;) Well i was taking apart my mbc so i could pull the spring out a bit because it was fully open and i wasnt hitting my fuel cut. and i fing dropped the ball down something and i cant seem to find it. is there anywhere i can get just the ball or something so i dont have to buy an entirely new mbc+a? spatl, could i buy the ball from you if i cant get them in stores? lol, this blows
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the good news is the mtf0063 procedure went good and im about to give it the final fill!
do i need to buy an entire bearing and take a ball out? i found the exact peice at home depot but no balls for them. there were bearings at ace but i wasnt sure if i needed to buy the entire bearing
I found a couple of balls but they do not seem to fit. Just out of curiosity, how big should it be? Should it be able to slide down the mbc until it just pokes out of the narrowest part of the nozzle, or should it just sit on top of the widest opening of the narrowing nozzle? I have a ball that does each, but it slides down the middle of the spring. Bah. I cant wait to get this up and running again, the car feels so slow w/out it and the BOV makes tiny little fart sounds instead of the strong wooooosshhh.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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