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I'm looking to upgrade a few things on my OG 9-3 Aero. So far i have a stage 1 tune and a nice suspension upgrade - but i'm looking to do a few on the cheap (well, as cheap as possible - i have the tools, i can fabricate things).

There's a few things i wanna do :
1) My engine is a B205R - in good condition. I can't swap in a 235 engine that easy (need to get permits and papers and do it in a specialized engine shop). So i was thinking, if the engine block is the same - i could easily upgrade to the 235 - but i wanted to ask what are the exact parts needed : i'm thinking crankshaft, piston rods... is the cylinder head the same for both engines? any other difference?

2) I'm going to build or buy a full 3in exhaust (downpipe included) and a cold air intake. What's the max power i can reach using the stock 2x5 (pistons, rods and turbo) ? i could easily install better injectors and a walbro fuel pump if needed - but changing the turbo to a bigger one, that's gonna be costly...

3) i know 2x5 engines have weaker pistons / rods than the 2x5. if i were to do a hybrid between the 2, how much HP would the 2x5 pistons handle and how much would the 2x4 handle? also is it worth using the cams from the 2x4? i hear you lose power at low revs but gain at higher revs (curios what's the gain from the cams).

4) stock aero intercooler - how much can that handle, when do i need to upgrade it?

5) in the future, i might be able to buy a bigger turbo (if i'm looking to get around 400 HP) - will the 2x4 pistons handle that amount of power or will i need to get some forged ones?

6) the stock gearbox (5spd manual) - how much torque can that handle? i'm going to upgrade the clutch and pressure plate, not sure if i need to do anything to the gearbox (replace it, upgrade parts, don't know).

7) so much power, but weak brakes - what's the cheapest brake upgrade? should i get bigger disks or just some better pads (racing ones or such). if bigger discs, which ones, what's the cheapest option?

It will be easy and cheap to get my hands on some engines (204, 234, 205, 235) so i can combine them however i want. What's going to be more expensive will be a new turbo (injectors, fuel pumps and such are not that expensive). So what would be the best route to what i'm planning to do?
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