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Can you help keep an old Swede going fast? I've been out of the Saab/Swede scene for a while now, and am just back into it, but in a different way.

I am putting together a bit of a restomod/sleeper/modernised classic by way of my 1967 Volvo Amazon Combi. I want to swap in a B204/B234 and fire up the old T5suite after dusting off my BSM cables etc.

To do this, I need the engine and all ancillaries (an ac compressor/PAS pump aren't needed but the former is nice) ideally with the APC, loom, ecu and if possible a key.

Location:North West/Cheshire

Direct message please, will share a phone number on a good lead.

Price: name yours please, I've got money waiting.

Transmission: n/a not needed

Mileage (miles/kms): the lower the better, but if you've a galactic miler, still get in touch, I've run a few of these up over 200k.

Apparently pics are mandatory (I did say I've been away a while) so here's the patient.
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