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Right after I got my 2000 9-3 SE, I browsed the Interwebs for possible parts sources. As I stubled across the site of saabpartsonline (dot com), I found they have really good prices on accessories.

So I ordered the wooden shifter ("Walnut Shift Handle" 02-67-740), and waited for it to come from Sweden.

It arrived on Friday, and is stunningly beautiful. It perfectly matches the wood on the dash.

However, when I tried to install it today, I ran into two challenges - both relating to the "Sports" button.

It says you should carefully press out that button of the old shifter handle, but all I was able to accomplish was to lift it on the back end (towards the back of the car).

Then you are supposed to "unsolder" it, and resolder it in the new shift handle. I did not know I'd have to do this, and have literally ZERO soldering experience. That will be interesting...

Has anybody here done this before? What is the trick to get the Sports button out? Do I push it from below, or pry it from above? Do I push it from the bottom front or bottom rear of the button?

I thought this would be a 10-minute swap... now I'm not sure I want more accessories for this car.
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