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Automatic transmission noise

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my automatic transmission is making a funny noise lately. It sounds as if a wolf is hiding inside the transmission and is howling proportional to the rpm. It does not matter if it is in Drive or Neutral it is always making that sound. I am sure that it is the transmission not the engine. Additionally, the atf is somewhat dirty (visible when wiping the rod - changed at 70.000km).

Does anybody know if there is a need for a repair? The transmission is working perfectly (aside of the wolf), the car has 120,000 km on it (1997 model), 80% of it city traffic.
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yes, it is a constant whine but its pitch is proportional to the rpm - in idle the pitch is mid-low and gows up with the rpm to a high pitch above 3000rpm.

At 40mph I can still hear it - but since the noise of the tires and roads are noticable too at thit speed it becomes more difficult to hear the transmission whine.

But do you think this could be?
Thanx a lot!

Very nice posting, thank you very much. I will have the ATF changed on Monday and then see how things are goings. I really appreciate your help!


1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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