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auto locking ??

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i'm a new saab owner. just purchased a 2002 9-3se auto w 87k.

i love the car and have had an eye out for one for some time now. finnally decided to pull the trigger.

reciently ive noticed sometimes the auto lock doesnt lock the doors when i start to drive away. and sometimes it wont unlock the doors when i take the key out.

any thoughts on where i should look?
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auto lock/unlock

Your 9-3 does indeed have autolock, but I have to add my name to those who find this feature annoying. The only way to turn it off or on is to use a Tech 2. I turned mine off and don't miss them a bit.

As far as intermittent operation, that is difficult to say. Do you notice any specific circumstances in which they either do or do not work? A failing lock module or a loose connection (in any of a number of places) could be the cause, but you could look for a long time and not find anything without some kind of repeatable error. Try to determine if you can make them work or not work by any particular action. Good luck.
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