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Hello all, I just recently acuired my 900 Turbo and found a receipt in the glove box from East of Sweden stating that the front driver and passenger seats had been replace about a year before I purchased the car with the cheaper automatic heated seats. However I have the drivers rheostat control on my dash and my heated seats don't work. I noticed the wiring harness that comes up through the carpet is a 3 pin connector and the seat harness is only a two pin. I looked up the wiring diagram for the rheostat controlled seats and connected the power and earth from the cars harness to the two wires on the seat. Regardless of the position of the rheostat I get no heat and the passenger side is the same even though I get continuity when I close the weight sensing switch on the passenger seat.

Any ideas as to why this isnt working?
I also get 12v between power and earth at the cars 3 pin connector where it should connect with the seat.
yet another note: when I tried to check the resistance of the two heating element in the driver seat I got an OL (infinite) reading but then I noticed the sensor that seems to be part of the heater pad in the wiring diagram for the Aut heated seats.

Thanks for any input, none of the other heated seat posts seemed to deal with this specific problem, unless I missed somethign which is entirely posible.
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