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I have recently posted questions about failures etc on my 2.3 lpt autobox.The car is a W reg(2000).

My gearbox is a FA47A05.
I also have a 2.0 litre lpt on a S reg 1998 which has as FA47A01
and have looked at a 2.0 lpt 1998 with a blown engine that has a FA47A03.
I know so much information about gearboxes now but still don't know what will fit what and potential gear ratio differences / bell housing differences etc.

After asking every man and his dog can anybody point me in the right direction to know what's what.

I have advertised everywhere for a repacement off scrappers etc. Had quite a few offers but I don't know if they will fit. I am taking the car to an auto transmission repair specialist tomorrow which I have been reluctant to do as it is an open cheque book job!


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