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One of many gremlins I have is a loose connnection with the connector that clips to the APC box -- was getting only base boost intermittently, and I noticed that wiggling the wires caused the APC solenoid to chatter - pretty sure it's a loose connection at a pin.

I'll be darned though if I can figure out how to take the connector apart (1990 turbo convert). I found the little screw, and can remove the rubber seal, but am weary about pulling and prying things. Any advise on how to disassemble the connector?

Also, somebody must have a link to a DIY for adding a knock LED. This DIY would also help with the connector problem I would think.

Too bad we can't search for "APC"

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Likely it's just a poor connection.. Surprisingly Common on the pesky Bosch connectors Check yer ECU one as well, it has also been known to be problematic.
Suggest trying a decent quality Electronic Contact Cleaner (Caig is a good Brand) before dissasembling the connector
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