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.0L I4 Engine
  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  2. Loosen the expansion tank pressure cap.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Connector for oxygen sensors and temperature sensor
    • Connector from MAF sensor
    • Hose from the MAF sensor
    • Cover on air cleaner housing
    • Air filter
    • Air cleaner housing
    CAUTION Use caution when removing air cleaner housing to ensure A/C pressure sensor is not damaged.
    • Turbocharger inlet hose (plug turbocharger opening)
    • Upper bolt for water pump in timing cover and engine block
    • Turbocharger heat shield
    • Upper oxygen sensor
    • Catalytic converter-to-turbocharger nuts
    • Turbocharger oil delivery pipe bolt
  4. Raise the vehicle and remove the right front wheel.
  5. Remove the front spoiler shield.
  6. Remove the right fender well liner.
  7. Drain the cooling system.
  8. Remove the lower water pump bolt in the timing cover and engine block.
  9. Remove plug from water pump and drain coolant.
  10. Mark direction of rotation of the auxiliary drive belt.
  11. Relieve belt tension and remove the belt.
  12. Remove or disconnect the following:
    • Turbocharger lower pressure pipe
    • Front exhaust pipe
    • Steering gear heat shield
    • Catalytic converter heat shield
    • Temperature sensor
    • Lower oxygen sensor
    • Catalytic converter and bracket from engine block
    • Turbocharger coolant pipe from thermostat housing and turbocharger
    • Thermostat housing bolts
  13. Remove the water pump cover from the timing cover (34).
  14. Install water pump holder tool, 2.0L, to secure the balancer shaft pinion (35).
  15. Remove the pinion bolts (36). Use a magnetic socket to remove the bolts from the holder tool.
  16. Remove the bolts on the back of the water pump.
  17. Move aside the thermostat housing, with the pipe, and remove the water pump.
  18. Remove the water pipe from the thermostat housing.
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