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anyone know what the benefits of upgrading to aero injectors from linear? and How to?

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title says it all. i can buy a set of aero injectors for my linear for about 20 dollars for all 4 :cheesy: . should i get them? and if do is it easy to do?
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That's short money, but don't install them. This is a pointless change unless you're producing the airflow to match the fuel. If you just swap out injectors, you'll just be wasting fuel and running unnecessarily rich.

You won't need injectors until you increase the airflow substantially, which usually means a larger turbo. If you're planning to do that, you'll need more plumbing to support that mod, so the injectors will only be part of a longer list....and the Aero injectors won't be on them.

And I'd check whether MP Performance actually does "custom" tunes...

GOod luck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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