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anyone hold a workshopmanual for the SRS system?

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Guys, Girls,

My first posting on this great forum (I normally reside on is about the workshopmanual for the 900 MY93 SRS system. I have copies of Bently's, Haynes and others but none of them is in detail about faultfinding the 900's SRS system.

I'm lucky enough to temporary own a Saab SRS tester which comes up with the error: 00:00:09:L, FS1 leakage to ground. However, the french manual that came up with tester is like magic to me.

So my question is, does anyone holds a english copy of the 900 MY93 SRS system workshopmanual? I appriciate your private message.

Much regards,

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At SRS school, we were instructed to never use an ohmmeter on the SRS system; the small voltage applied by the meter's battery could trigger the Airbag. Also avoid using a Voltmeter on a live system.
i was instructed exactly the same thing. :nono;
and besides that if you are actually trying to test the detonator/deployer it wont usually yield the correct result as there is short pins in most of the connectors for them, to prevent accidental deployment.
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