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Anyone fancy going halves on a pair of centre speakers (UK)?

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Am going to change the speakers as the stereo in these otherwise very nice cars is driving me beserk...

It's (struggling to avoid four-letter words here) awful.

One issue is that I only need one central speaker but they are invariably sold in pairs! If anyone out there wants to discuss which speakers to get and if we can agree I'll buy them and forward on the unused one for half the price its cost me or thereabouts....

I'm based in York, UK so I guess only other UK addresses would be feasible for this scheme.

Any takers / suggestions on speaker? I think the past "damn stereo" suggest a few models so I will start trawling....
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Will boost this up to the top again in case anyone from UK didn't see (after that i'll let the idea quietly die :cheesy: )
Maybe put a want ad in the Classifieds?
I Want To Do This... With Someone Is The Usa. Please Do Not Kill A Needy Thread :)
MacHoolahan said:
Will boost this up to the top again in case anyone from UK didn't see (after that i'll let the idea quietly die :cheesy: )
I've seen it! Buy the speakers and advertise the spare on Ebay ,Saabcentral and Saab scene and i'm sure it wont take long for you to find a buyer. Virtually every 9-3 owner i know of slates the stereo and wants to upgrade the speakers , most have started to do so, but leave the centre one till last waiting for a cheap one/ or pair to come up for sale on Ebay etc - you've just gotta make the first move! (I'll even advertise it on Ebay on your behalf - cant say fairer than that!).
Cheers for the advice guys - can't seem to get Bostons in UK so best bet is still 1002cf Infinity Ref (seem hard to find to), Kenwood PSR107C or Infinity 4"ers with the edges sawn off....

Will start looking...
Hi MacHoolahan,

I'm half tempted to take you up on that offer, but to confirm what JWLANKY has suggested, I've changed all my speakers, 'cept the centre, with Infinity's and the quality is dramatically better. So now my incentive to change the centre one has diminished.

Nonetheless, if you change all the others and are still keen I'll consider going halfs. Perhaps we could source a cheap pair on eBay and split the cost? I got all my existing ones off eBay with no probs.

Let me know what you think...

EDIT: I'm based in Cornwall
Thanks Aero, JWLANKY has got me upto speed with eBay bidding (cheers for that!) so I am going to do likewise and get the bits and bobs I need second hand...

I will post back when I've got a central speaker and you can have it for half of what it costs me if you like. Maybe send me a PM with your email so I know I won't lose your address? (don't think Cornwall would be a problem!)
BTW aero - how fiddly were the door speakers and what did you replace them with?
Oops, I didn't do the door speakers!

I did front dash (3.5"), rear parcel shelf (4") & rear parcel shelf (6x9"). The rear parcel shelf speakers are driven by an extra amp tapped from the door speakers.

Sent you a PM.
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