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So i'm driving from the Netherlands to Bulgaria in a week.

I'll be passing through
- Germany
-Austria (or maybe Czech republic if the borders are an issue)
-Slovenia or Hungary (again depending on the borders)
-Serbia or Romania
-Sofia, Bulgaria.

I'm doing this is my 1999 95 estate with over 500.000km on the clock!
The 95 estates has been turned into "camper" so i always have a place to sleep in the back.
I've noticed a lot of friendly people in the Saab community (here and on the forums) and was wondering if anyone in one of the countries would like to have a (social distancing) meetup?
Really curious about all the Saab stories you people have and I'm just really exited to see other people's Saab's!

My route is not set in stone, i just want to travel to Bulgaria in about 7-10 days and don't mind if i take the long way there. (Car is on LPG anyways).

Have a great weekend guys!

p.s. if you have any recommendations in terms of beautiful places to see and visit, i'd love to hear them as well.
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