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I have a 96 Saab 900 SE convertible. I have replaced the antenna mast 2 times in previous years sucessfully but this time I'm having a problem. I cannot remove the old silver/chrome sleeve that goes over the mast. It is seized in place. One post suggested to use a 3/8 drill bit to the aluminum tube and this would help free it. This is the instructions I used:

"When it came to the step requiring the removal of the old antenna mast, I found that the thin metal sleeve that provides the mechanical as well as the electrical interface between the antenna mast and the aluminum tube had corroded in place. I ended up breaking the base of the old antenna mast while trying to remove it. The sleeve just wouldn't budge! I used a 3/8" drill bit to extracate the sleeve. This is a perfect size for drilling out the sleeve without damaging the tube. Just go easy, and take care to keep the drill in line with the tube so as not to bend or scar it."

This didn't work. Another post suggested "Take the unit out of the car. Dismantle it so you have the tube with the stuck bit. Stick a rod up it from the bottom and tap the sleeve out.

This also didn't work. When I tap the tube I'm getting small bits of the aluminum sleeve to break off... but I've been banging for an hour without it coming free.

Any Ideas?
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