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Another Turbo Question

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So, again I've spoken to my local dealer and they said it would take them around 6 - 7 hours to replace my turbo...a bit long don't you think. They mentioned that they may need to remove the intercooler but I don't think that is necessary is it?

I'm thinking I may try it myself...Is this all I would need to do?

1. Replace oil supply line
2. Replace gaskets

If someone could reply I would really appreciate it. Thanks
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Intercooler's not in the way. It's a long enough job when you're doing it in a car park in November in Southern England. One or two awkward bits {like the oil return line gasket}, a lot of swearing and about 3mm scraped off my knuckles trying to avoid dismounting the turbo elbow from the downpipe.

I removed mine, gave it to an engineering shop to rebuild and refitted it myself.
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