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I got myself a 1995 NG900 Convertible. I'm not mechanically minded, but I figured if I was going to learn, the best way to get started was to dive right in.

So I've fixed a couple of minor bits and pieces and I'm feeling both pleased with myself and a bit overwhelmed when looking at what's left to do.

My questions are:

* The Speedo and Odometer don't work. The ABS light isn't on, but I noticed that it doesn't actually come on when starting the engine either - so I guess the bulb is gone, or it's bust. I took it to Aeromotive Saab in West Yorkshire and their Tech2 couldn't connect to the ABS - needs the module replacing?

* It wants to stall for the first five minutes. When it starts up, the revs are just over 1000, but then, once it drops, they drop too far. If I can keep it going (or I restart after it stalls), then it's absolutely fine. It doesn't seem to be related to how cold the engine is, just how long it's been running since it was started. My guess - clean out the Idle Air valve?

Once those two things are sorted, I'll be really happy with the car. It's a bit rusty, and there's a load of cosmetic stuff to sort out, but it is lovely to drive - and the roof works!

So, thanks in advance for any advice on those two questions,



(Here it is:
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