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Another happy 9-2x reviewer

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Just picked up this new review of the 9-2x, from Canada.

Despite all the hoo-haa from traditionalists (yes, of which I was one), I'm still yet to read a bad report on this car.
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You beat me to it, Gregoz.

That review was in April last year and i think the rebates etc have a changed a lot of perception about the car. A lot of the stuff they emphasised, it was hard to tell if they were critiquing the 9-2x or the WRX. Other reviews have also placed a lot more emphasis on the enhancements, which I think Edmunds ignored to a large extent (handling etc).

As for Edmunds' clarity, they had this to say a few days ago about the appointment of a new exec at GM.

What this means to you: This could be good news for all consumers as GM is aiming to reduce production costs by streamlining global production. Hate to say it, but it also might be bad news for consumers as this new vice president could become another suit clogging an already bureaucratic corporation in desperate need of some bold and decisive turn-around plans.


I wonder if they have a guy employed at Edmunds that just spends his day building fences for their writers to sit on? :cheesy:
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