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I think this is the third or so fuel pump problem on the board right now.

I parked my 900S in the garage Saturday afternoon after driving it 300 miles on the highway. Sunday night it would'nt start.

The spark/fuel/compression test has done me well on previous no-start conditions so I:

Held a spark plug to the block and it had good spark.

Took the fuel rail supply line off and cranked the car, NO FUEL CAME OUT.

I pulled the fuel pump fuse and bridged the contacts with my ammeter and it measured ZERO amps through the fuel pump circuit.

I tore out the floor in the back and got to the pump. I took off the two wire connector and there was 12 volts under cranking.

I'm thinking the pump is broken. What do you think?

unfortunately my brother had to drive me to college sunday night due to my car being broken. I think wednesdayI can get a ride home to take the pump out.

I will probably take the pump out of my 88 turbo.

I know there were 2 pump designs and the first one isnt as good. My 91 's' has the "good" one. Which one will the 88 900T have? I sure hope its not the crappy design. I think its prone to overheating and failiure, right?
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