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Hi there

I am a newby so my apologies if this is a subject that has been done to death on here...please bear with me.

I have a 2002 9-5 estate, 2.3t petrol auto.

Anyway, i have recently bought this car and all seems good, it pull well and the gearbox seems to change up and down fine, there have been a couple of minor issues with the throttle body sensor but nothing to worry about.

I bought he car as a complete bargain as it had the engine management light on showing so I just reset the error code with my OBD11 and its all good now.

Anyway I am completely stumped by the following problem that was cured by the OBD reset but very occasionally comes back under specific conditions so would really appreciate some help.

The engine starts and runs just fine, the auto box engages just fine and driving is relatively smooth apart from the occasional knock from a worn suspension joint somewhere. However if during a drive wheel is spun, for example on gravel the Traction Control light comes on and stays on. From this point onward the engine is very reluctant to tick over and seems to go into a 'limp home' mode, however once the revs are up everything runs just fine again, but it does seem to use a lot more fuel.

its very strange...does anyone have any idea as to the cause?
when I bough the car the cruise control relay had been removed and placed in the glove box..I notice cruise control didn't work, replaced the relay fully expecting the dashboard to light up with a heap of warnings but it all seems to work fine.

I am pretty sure that the TC runs off the ABS sensors but there have been no brake system related errors reported at all and the brakes seem fine (though in need of replacement discs on the front)

Any ideas would be great as a friend wants to buy the car from me but is terrified of 'electrical problems'

please help.



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Welcome to the forum!

I have a Northampton (Massachusetts USA) 1/2 hour from me.

Sounds like a sensitive abs sensor and with the brakes needing to be done
I'd replace the front brake pads and rotors and see if the issue still exists. If so I'd suspect the sensor.
Good luck
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