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You need...

1) Low wooden table

2) Car jack

3) 6-7 cm round piece of wood (use a hole saw drill bit to make the round piece of you would use for cutting a round hole in plasterboard for a socket). Wood needs to be about 1 cm thick ish.

4) 8 sacks of 35kg sand.....or any weight of your choice.

Place jack under table and lever it up until the back of the clutch (fingers facing down) is secure against the bottom of the table with the round piece of wood between the fingers of the clutch and the jack head to protect it.

Next place 8 sacks of 35 kg sand on the table. (Or weight of your choice)

Lie on your back (looking under the table) and lever up the car jack.

The fingers will open and insert spacer.

I reckon you need a good 280 kg of weight. It won't hurt the table. Mine was Ikea....LOL. It did not break. Unfortunately.

Et inserted spacer tool.

I have looked at all the other ideas on the net and they were all carp....well except for a press. Which I don't have.

I am not sure lowering a car on a clutch to insert a spacer is a good

I hope that helps.
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