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all in the same family now

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well after buying the missus a vert and me having the 9-3 my lad has decided to join us with a ng 900 se turbo coupe, a very pritty car in white with 16" vikings alloys, electric seats :evil: criuse, climate plus all the other usual bits and bobs and goes like my 9-3 so we think its chipped, although the owner new nothing of this :lol:


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Oh super.

A white one. Or as a friend said who had a pure white RS Turbo. Wicked it looks like the coolest block of lard going :D

Ahh 2 dors oh for not having kids :p and electric ;oops: :evil: Saab are weird I don't get it. I have an se with leather cruise AC ect but not electric seats???? Did they just go weird in the fitting out dept at the factory.

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