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Howdy all! First off thank you to one and all. Without this forum I would know nothing about this amazing machine and how to keep it happy!

Next, I have an '01 9-5 aero. As far as I can tell all the numbers match according to the WIS.

Now on to the meat and taters... I took her to the Saab dealer for an alignment. My trusted guy does not have the correct tool for the rear and the only Saab specialists in town don't do alignments. Their guy was 4 weeks out. The Saab dealer found the driver outer tie rod seized. After the locking pliers didn't free it up he brought out the torch. Still no go. Now the tie rod is severely worn. It had no play before the dealer started working. Through this forum I found that the tie rods freezing up is common. Ok, I can take that. Alot going on for those things. Anyways, I'm really upset at the dealer because my 9-5 was safe when it went in and very unsafe coming out. I do replace as much as I can with what I can myself. The tie rods (inner and outer) are a cake walk for me. But I feel that the Saab dealer is responsible for the degradation of safety. So much that I feel like formaly complaining to the BBB and a whole bunch more.

I guess I need to know what you think. Am I in the right to complain? It's not the cost of the parts but the fact that they handed me an unsafe vehicle and charged me full price for an unfinished job.

Thanks in advance and keep posting! A back yard wrench jockey like myself are counting on you!
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