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Tools needed:

1) Small flat screwdriver (to remove the airbag)

2) 8mm Allen key (hex) (to remove the steering wheel)


1) To remove the airbag it is recommended to remove the car battery negative lead and wait at leat a minute before attempting any work in the air bag area...

2) Turn the steering wheel about 45 degrees in any direction from dead center.

3) Lower it and extend as far as possible

4) In the back of the steering wheel there are two access holes, one on each side:

For clarity the same opening visible from the front of the steering column (the airbag is removed):

When you put a small screw driver into those openings, specifically in the rounded areas marked with red arrows (use a small mirror when in doubt) you should be able to unhoop the airbag spring clips which are shown here. Please note springs clips hook point are marked blue in the previous picture. Putting the screwdriver in and pushing the sping towards the center of the wheel you are unhooking the top two hooks...

Put a screw driver in and feel for the spring, it will move sideways towards the center of the wheel, it should not require a lot of force yet in my case I had to work on one side then the other and back to the first one to remove the airbag... Other than those spring clips there is NOTHING else that keeps the airbag in place!
When clips are unhooked the airbag simply lifts off however you have to lift it up from the bottom spoke keeping the top part close to the wheel as there is a plug/socket right underneath which you DON'T want to break:

To remove the wheel you simply put the 8mm allen key into the center bolt and unscrew it....

Reversal is pretty simple and there is NO way to mount the steering wheel wrong, it will only go in the right way....
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